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It only seemed right that we should get the whole team together to celebrate our first full year in the US. Our UK team packed up their computers and jumped on a plane to Los Angeles.

The celebration was only part of the reason for the gathering though. We also opened our studio doors to the great and the good of L.A.’s agency and photography folk. Our aim was to dispel the ‘Dark Art’ of CGI, whilst showing our latest advances in Digital Environment Creation (full CGI).

We are now offering a solution for that ‘hard to find/hard to shoot’ location. We can create the whole environment within the computer, negating the need to close a freeway, or ship in costly snow making machines to set.

For an explanation of how this process works, you can see a short animation here.

If you would like further information on how to utilise this new technique into your workflow please get in touch.

Nick LimbComment