December 15, 2014

So for 5 weeks Nick has been on location in California shooting for Cadillac with Patrick Curtet and Lowe Campbell Ewald.

Working from the on set 'Airstream' mobile studio provided by Gravy Productions Nick has been able to give an immediate on-set idea of what final images will look like, whilst taking direction from all the important parties.

'It was the opportunity of a lifetime' Nick said 'having great weather in November and the opportunity to try some of LA's finest eateries (In-n-out Burger, Jack in the Box and Taco Bell) ;-)

Keep an eye out for the release of these fantastic images in the coming months



December 15, 2014

We don't just do location retouching. Here we spent a couple of weeks in a dark studio for Saatchi and Saatchi with photographer Paul Barshon creating advertising imagery. 

These adverts ran in UK and European press as well as on billboards. Using the latest in camera technology, these images were over a gigabyte in size once flattened down.

There will be no problems seeing the detail from a distance!

download (3).jpg




February 23, 2015

The time has finally come!

The final result of our work in California is fully unveiled as Cadillac re-launch their brand on Oscar's Night. In co-ordination with the famous award ceremony the new TV ad aired and the website became fully furnished with a new look and feel.

With a plethora of fantastic locations and a new impetus on lifestyle imagery Cadillac really strive to show how owning one of their vehicles is an aspirational target.

See more at www.cadillac.com


We produced CG images of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado for the big reveal to the public. The first of which was the new Trail Boss version. Seen for the very first time by a guest audience celebrating the 100 years of Chevrolet. 

They certainly do it bigger in the US. The truck was brought in above the crowd by helicopter. The new images appeared in glorious HD on the, appropriately named “Big Hoss" TV screen; at 218 x 94 ft and weighing in at 108 tons!! 

 See the video here - ( https://youtu.be/2DK1DSSXt8I )

See the video here - (https://youtu.be/2DK1DSSXt8I)

The official reveal of the full 2019 Silverado lineup was at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show. All the images were shown as the backdrop to the Trucks on center stage.


Everyone loves to be recognised for their contribution, and we at Curve Digital are no different. We were very proud to be the recipient of a Behance Award for our Land Rover Christmas promotion work. Awarded in April 2018.

It was great to receive the Behance email telling us that 'Your project Land Rover has been featured on Photography. Our curatorial team features a small number of projects to appear on the front of our gallery each day. We only pick the best work that effectively promotes the Photography community.' 

Working for Land Rover on this campaign, gave us the opportunity to create atmospheric environments in CGI, together with the stunning vehicle photography by M&P Curtet. We thank the production company MJ68 and the agency Spark44 in Los Angeles for the opportunity of working with them.

 Land Rover Vehicle CGI environment by The Good Guys at Curve.  Vehicle images by M&P Curtet,

Land Rover Vehicle CGI environment by The Good Guys at Curve.  Vehicle images by M&P Curtet,

Source: https://www.behance.net/curvedigital